“Olkusz: holocaust and memory”

edited by Ireneusz Cieślik, Olgerd Dziechciarz & Krzysztof Kocjan

Olkusz 2007


Posted with the permission of the authors

Krzysztof Kocjan – “The Extermination of the Olkusz Jews”

Second edition, revised and extended – for English and German summaries see pages 244 and 248.

Bukowno 2017

First edition – for an English summary see the page 40

Olkusz 2002

Posted with the permission of the author

Krzysztof Kocjan – “Jewish Olkusz”

English edition in preparation

Mosze Berger – “In Siberian taiga”

New edition (in Polish)

AUSTERIA Publisher

Kraków 2017

First edition (in Polish)

Olkusz 2005

“Testimony”, Krzysztof Kocjan (in Polish)

Ireneusz Cieślik – “10 years of Memorial March in anniversary of Holocaust of Jewish Community in Olkusz”

Olkusz 2016

Mordechaj Canin – “Przez runiy i zgliszcza”

Posted with the permission of the publishing house „Nisza”

Ann Kirschner – “Sala’s Gift. My Mother’s Holocaust Story”

(a book available also in Polish)